Wednesday, 26 August 2015

3rd -6th August: Plovdiv on Wings


Plovdiv is one of the most amazing places on earth – the old town it is. It’s soooo pretty and atmospheric. 

Though sturdy sandals are advisable to manage those cobble stones – or wings J

For three days we had crazy music making on the menu – being taught in the day and off to jams, performances and parties in the eve…

Unfortunately our violin tutor favoured the electric violin and sheet music, and his own and his friend’s compositions rather than old traditional stuff. Still, we learned about 50 finger-breaking embellishments, my repertoire of time signatures was expanded to 13/8 and 15/16, and some of the tunes were even good J

The evening entertainment gave more satisfying results. The municipality Plovdiv put on free folk/world music and dance performances in the Amphitheatre.

Mild artistic to crazy acrobatic…

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