Tuesday, 25 August 2015

2nd August 2015

Back in Bulgaria after 5 years !

The place where people shake their heads to say yes, and nod it for no, and the place where I had 5 years ago learned to be unfriendly to people by mirroring the manners I came across there – I had made a note of Bulgaria being inhabited by the least friendly people I ever met on any of my travels, being ripped off by bus tickets sellers just after entering the country, and then charged a nice fine, and waitresses deciding not to serve you if you asked more than one question...

Well, things have changed hugely - This time I have not come accross even one unfriendly person! Also, contrary to my usually lone travels, I arrived with Olga, also violinist and friend from LGO times.

We were heading for Plovdiv, to take part a few days at the Folk Music Seminar...

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