Friday, 4 September 2015

Friday 14th August: sun, beach and water - trying for some real holiday

Last day in Skopje, and I realise, I actually haven’t seen much at all, mostly hanging round Shutka. Apart from my new Roma friends, and of course Bojana, I made friends with an iron monger in the Zelena Bazar (Green Market), who used all his charm, big smiles through tooth gaps and gold teeth, and his German language skills which outbid my Serbian ones  by about five words, to sell some of his water taps or shower heads to me  - I actually got a bit tempted by the taps, as mine here in London sucks - the unfortunate weight involved kept his efforts in vain.

… off to Lake Ohrid now...

After a 3-hour ride on a cramped minibus, I arrived in Ohrid. I had read amazing things about its beauty and magic - and found them all true. 

Upon arrival at the youth hostel I had booked myself in, I had to learn that the ‘private tent’ I had reserved had unfortunately been destroyed. I was offered a place in the open, which shocked me so much, that the host quickly arranged a private room for me, and even paid the taxi which took me there.

I could not wait to dig out my swimming suit and towel, and run over the hills through the town to find a bit of beach to swim - herrlich !!!

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